Bespoke Solution

Integrated Online Booking Engine, Satellite Tracking, Commercial Smartcard

At TransMach, we develop bespoke ticketing solutions to meet the customer’s requirements. The customer can pick & choose from different modules/applications according to their requirements. Our approach is to build a solution to suit the customer’s business needs rather than offering them an off the shelf product/solution. This approach is widely appreciated and benefits customers in achieving their objectives.

Contactless EMV

cardpayment Accepting Mastercard & Visa payments on board can improve revenue. The system features all-in-one card payments facility therefore there is no need to have a separate card reader.

The driver selects the tickets to issue and the customer will have a choice to pay by either Contactless (including Apple Pay and Google) on the machine itself. Once the payment method is accepted, the ticket machine prints tickets and payment receipts, if required.

ITSO Smart Cards

itsosmartcardbespoke Introducing ITSO smart cards can reduce maintenance cost, eliminate cash handling and increase revenue. The operator can offer various new tickets e.g. Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, 10 Journey etc. The onboard TM 920 machine validates the smartcards and the driver doesn’t have to worry about checking expiry dates on a paper tickets.

Paper tickets can easily be photo copied, which can be very hard for the driver to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent tickets. The smartcard solution stops that. The operator can also offer online top up of the smartcard which is very popular for customers and enhance the customer experience.

Geo Tracking and Schedule Adherence

geotracking The operator can track the vehicle using the geo tracker system. The operators can see arrival times for vechicles at different stops. The operators can apply filters to only show a particular route on the map.

Schedule Adherence report shows the operator the schedule time and the actual time for each stop for journey. This can be used to determine if the driver is running early or late and to make improvements for timetables.

Online Web Booking Engine

onlinebooking Our online ticket booking engine is fully integrated with the TM 920 ticketing solution i.e. booking tickets online, validating them onboard for reducing fraud and online back-office system for analysing data instantly. It is integrated with various merchant acquirers e.g. Sage Pay, Capita, Civica, World Pay etc. We can also integrate the booking engine with any other merchant acquirers.

Take a look at some of our customer solutions by following the links below:

Mobile Application

mobileapp It allows the passengers to see live journey information including schedule and expected arrival times. The user can also book tickets using the app. We can customise the app to suit your requirements.