Wayfarer TGX 150

Easy to Use On-bus Ticket Machine
A fast, accurate and reliable ticket issuing machine with a modern aesthetic design

Wayfarer TGX 150 - Overview

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"State of the art" electronic ticketing equipment produced to the highest quality standards.

A high speed thermal graphics printer.

A system which is simple to use and maintain.

6 destinations on one screen.

Fares look-up and reverse fares look-up.

Large ticket roll capacity of up to 2000 tickets per roll.

Advansed compact technological design which is modular, allows for customisation to suit individual requirements.

8 operator programmable ‘soft keys’ with variable functions.

Improved efficiency and a friendly and beneficial service to passengers.

Versatile design for buses, trams, trains, underground and metro systems.

Inform PLUS Reporting Software

Inform PLUS is a revenue and ticket analysis software suite that meets the demanding needs of day-to-day operational requirements of a bus company. Designed with the independent operator in mind, Inform Plus provides the user with a very powerful data analysis tool thorough its comprehensive library of industry standard reports and data reconciliation tools.

• Provides fast data analysis with over 40 predefined reports to give fast access to revenue and ticket information
• Fully customisable
• Scheduling system enables automatic report generation
• Administration tool for handling cash shorts and over’s & vault systems
• Concessionary reports for easier re-imbursement calculations
• Daily audit report for cash reconciliation


Wayfarer Waycon Software

Wayfarer Waycon is a fares creation software which allows you to create new fare triangles, update existing fare charts, assign different areas to different routes. etc...

• Windows based easy to use fares configuration software
• Update fares, create new routes etc.
• Test fares before they go live
• Manual supplied both in hard copy and also electronically in adobe acrobat format


Support available for existing "Wayfarer TGX 150" customers for fares configuration changes at competitive rates. Module & Base plate also available from stock.